May 25, 2022



Preparation is the Key!

You’ve decided to sell your home and list it for all to see. Before your home hits the market, you have some work to do.
Now is the time to take control of the process, and set yourself up for great success! There are some aspects of the market a seller can’t control, but preparing a home for proper presentation is not one of those things. Let’s talk about some sure-fire industry techniques you can implement to showcase your home in its very best light, shorten your days on market, and capture the most qualified and interested buyer without delay.

Every seller hopes that buyers will fall in love with their property, and immediately make a clean and strong offer upon seeing it. To make this wish a reality, it is crucial to understand that buyers are beginning their search on their phones and computers, in the virtual world.

The first online introduction to your home must be flawless, and encourage this potential new owner of your home to fall in love, right from the start.
If photos of your home don’t look clean and stylish, and don’t draw in potential buyers immediately, you have very likely already lost the chance for a “second date”, and the likelihood is greatly diminished for these potential buyers to schedule an in-person showing. 
This is why proper presentation, lighting, photography, and even professional staging (at any price point!) are paramount to getting the best possible offer, quickly, and for the highest dollar. 
Assisting homeowners in the preparation to sell is my favorite part of being a listing agent. Believe me, solid preparation is the absolute key to an ideal home sale.
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Whether the condition of your home is exactly as you’ve been living in it, vacant, or anything in between, it is important to stop thinking of your home as “your home”, when preparing to list. As difficult as it might be to do, it is important to create a space that will allow potential buyers to see not your life, but their potential life in your home, before them.
The first step is to remove any and all clutter throughout the home.
Believe me, I hold absolutely no judgment for those with a slight, shall we say – less than organized – home. If you were to come into my home right now, I guarantee we would agree that I would have much work to do, to get it sale ready.
As a wise Realtor® once told me, the homes we sell are not the homes we live in. A home for sale must present itself as a bit of a blank canvas. There must not be distractions, to deter a buyer from seeing what they need to see. They need to be able to envision living in the space, with their own belongings, or even a better version of their belongings!

If there are items that you won’t be taking with you to your new home, now is the perfect time to sell, donate, or rehome.
This effort will clear your space, and save you effort and expense in your upcoming move. Think of how nice it will feel to unpack only the wanted and appropriate belongings for your new home! 
Does this sound overwhelming and unachievable? You’re not alone. I am happy to recommend wonderful people who can assist with sorting and making decisions about where these items should go. They can even coordinate consignment, donation, or transport to dispose of. Believe me, the cost is well worth it. These services can save hours and huge amounts of stress. 
Once clutter and unwanted items are removed, the stage can be set for making your listing shine.
Whether or not you’re listing a $100,000 condo or a $2,000,000 luxury property, I believe that professional staging and photography are always a sound investment. In almost every scenario, the money put into preparation for proper listing yields a much higher sales price, and in a much shorter time.
Allow a professional to evaluate the space, and arrange furniture and artwork in a way that your home will look its best – not only in person but more importantly, in the listing photographs.
A good designer knows how to achieve an interior look that will help your home win the beauty contest, and capture the perfect buyer. They may bring in furniture or art of their own, or they may work with your belongings as well. Lighting, accent pieces, and proper bedding and towels are small touches, that deliver a great impact.
Presenting your home in its best light by making the space clean, organized, and stylish will project value.
You will undoubtedly see more showing appointments, and offers in a shorter time period, and will be able to substantiate a well-considered sales price. A great-looking listing creates energy and excitement, and buyers react.
Just walking into a home with good flow, well-placed furniture, and good lighting instills a tangible feeling in someone who is searching for their next home. Buyers want to be wowed and swept off their feet. Do you know what people do when they get that “feeling”? They spend more money. They don’t want to lose to someone else. When buyers fall in love, they go for it. Why wouldn’t you take the steps it takes to make sure it’s your home they fall in love with and want to buy?

When you hire me as your Realtor®, we will discuss the ways in which we can bring out the best your home has to offer, right from the start.
We will take into consideration your timeline, and your goals for selling, and chart out a path and strategy for a smart and manageable sale. 
Every home is different, and every seller has different needs. Partnering with myself, and Monument Sotheby’s will give you the advantage that translates into a successful and organized transaction, from start to finish. Don’t leave the listing of your property to chance, even in this highly competitive market. When the time comes to go active, everything should be turnkey. I know how to get you there. 
Avoid errors that can cost you greatly.
Once a property is listed and available for all to see, it is difficult and disadvantageous to make changes and reposition. Don’t let buyers get away, by scrolling right past your home. Be strategic, and put in the effort from the start. Allow me to help, good things will come!
I look forward to working with you! 

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