March 3, 2020


We should all take a page from Ivy the Airedale's book. She's handling this situation with grace and ease. Let me show you.

The COVID-19 Chapter, “At Home”: DAY 8

Here we are. Day 8. It’s going pretty well. I’m happy to report that irritation levels have simmered a bit, and I’m feeling a bit more calm. The pendulum swings, back and forth, but so far today, and this moment, I’m feeling good. I hope you are too.
I realized this morning that my sweet, and ever happy Airedale Terrier, Ivy, has absolutely no idea what’s going on here. Just like every day, she wakes when I wake, and waits for me to I get down on the floor and check in with her – snuggle her, scratch her in all right places, you know, start the day right. Those couple of minutes with her, when all is still quiet, fuel me for the day with a sunny warm feeling. I love her so.
She waits while I get dressed, and get myself together, and she watches, as I walk to the door, ears perked – is she going? Is this it? Yes, I think it is, I hope it is….. She gets up, attentively, and then that tail starts shaking the whole back end of her body off as I take the first step out of the bedroom. For this, of course, this means just one thing – BREAKFAST. It’s as if she hasn’t had a meal in a week. She can hardly stand the anticipation! Anything food related for Ivy is the happiest moment of her life, and I get to provide that exquisite delight for this creature 2 times a day – lucky me. I’m the biggest hero there ever was, each and every time. We are flooded with endorphins, both of us.
This unconditional joy is unwavering, always, and it of course, has not wavered or diminished since the threat of COVID-19 descended upon us all. If anything, Ivy is more content, more waggy, because we are home, well you know – all the time.
As I ponder her blissful ignorance, and her actual increased happiness with spending more time together, I think to myself, I’m going to try to take a page from Ivy’s book. She’s got it dialed in. Nothing has changed for her, in fact it’s gotten better. And the hope is for all of us, I think, is that we will get through this, and come out on the other side better. We will have learned something. The world will emerge more aware, more knowledgeable about how what works and what doesn’t, when faced with a viral enemy. Right? Hmmmmmm…….To be seen. But not too soon, because Ivy will really be bummin’ when we’re not here every moment.
At any rate, Ivy is cute. Here is some proof.
I know. It’s ridiculous.
Just look at that face. When you start getting itchy about the world out there – when you feel the uncertainty, and even the panic start to well up – look at this face. Or maybe you have a dog / cat / guinea pig / iguana / fish that hits the spot for you. If so – find that little face, and lose yourself in it. If you need to borrow Ivy, feel free to bookmark this page, and stare at those eyes until you feel a little bit better. It works for me, if only for a few moments. But it helps.
Ivy loves me, and I love her. Everyone loves Ivy. She’s the one of our family that never says anything to drive anyone crazy. Ivy is always good company, goes with flow, and never fails to be soft, snuggly and full of a wet nose or kisses.

We should all be like Ivy.

Ivy can take a nap like a champion. What a great idea! I think I’ll take her lead.

Sleeping the worries away.

Ivy can be playful, and likes to play dress-up. Why don’t we all have a fashion show today, if we are feeling trouble.

Fashionista Ivy

Ivy likes to be pretty, and have a good Spa Day.

Self care is so important.


Ivy loves to get fresh air, she’s an outdoorsy kinda girl. Healthy Body – Healthy Mind.

Sporty Ivy

Ivy enjoys a good book, and likes to help me when I’m working.

Bookish Ivy

Ivy knows that danger lurks, and she guards our house from all intruders.

Vicious attack dog.

The best thing about Ivy, is her ability to appreciate the little things in life, like a beautiful sunset.

So when the world lets us down, and everything feels big and scary, let us remember to take a page from Ivy’s book. It will make us better people, and it’s the right thing to do.

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